Suite 400 Moon information

Information about the Moon

Full Moon
Here is the schedule of when we will have a Full Moon for the next 100 years.

Weight on Moon
Because of less gravitiy, you will way less on the moon. Calculate how much you weigh on the moon here.

Orange Moons
Beautiful orange moon hanging low in the sky. What causes this phenomena?

Moon Phases
Learn all about the phases of the moon and see the future moon phase schedule.

Full Moon on Halloween
When will the next Full Moon be on Halloween?

Full Moon on Friday the 13th
When will the next Full Moon be on Friday the 13th?

Moon Quiz
Questions and Answers about the moon. What do you know about the moon? Test yourself here.

Blue Moon
What is a blue moon and what are future dates of Blue Moons?

Double Blue Moon
What is a double blue moon and when will the next double blue moon occur?

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